Women Spanking Men


Female domination, also referred to as fem dom consists of many things. One of the main activities is women spanking men hard. Often times the paddling utilizes whips, canes, a paddle or just plain over the knee spanking, often called OTK spanking. Of course, nothing quite demonstrates the dominant woman like bare hand spanking. Whippings and floggings are a way to take things to a deeper level in the realm of corporal punishment. Women spanking men into submission and severe discipline is sometimes used as foreplay which precludes passionate sex.

Wives Spanking Husbands


Do wives enjoy spanking their husbands? That's probably more common than husbands spanking wives, but no less kinky. Male domination makes the wife the submissive and the husband the dominant. Husbands spanking their wives is one of the most basic forms of humiliation.

There isn't a man alive who at one point, has not wanted to document his sex life through video or photos. The digital age of porn has enabled anyone to create spanking videos and spanking photos. Women spanking men clips can be seen all over the Internet. Women spanking men porn is everywhere.