Elite Spanking


In the s/m community, elite spanking is truly an art. The Master, Mistress, Dom, Domme or Dominatrix, (no matter what you call them, they are always the one in charge), places the submissive or bottom into a position of inferiority. They may be on all fours on the floor, they may be locked in stocks, tied to a St.Andrews Cross, splayed across a spanking bench or any number of other positions or bondage devices. No matter, from their standpoint, they are soon to be brought to the edge of ecstacy by the trained hand of the Top.

The spanking artist can choose from a plethora of tools, and usually, more than one. Often, they begin with a bare hand spanking and progress through a series of more extreme implements, until the bare bottom of the slave is a beautiful shade of red.

Vintage Spanking


Vintage spanking videos and vintage spanking photos, such as those picturing Bettie Page are more popular today than ever before. In fact, the entire retro spanking niche is huge. Fetish websites such as Cult of deSade are very popular. Fetish has been around for literally hundreds of years and has moved more into the mainstream in recent years. On most Saturday nights, dungeons all over the world are opening for fetish play-parties. Couples and single people come out to indulge their wildest fantasies, by partaking in s&m, B&D, corporal punishment, bondage and discipline, sadomasochism, whips and chains, foot worship and so many more kinks.