Domination and submission, also known as D&s, D/s and Ds, is defined as a set of the behaviors, customs and rituals involving the submissive giving the power and control to the dominant in either an erotic scene or a full lifestyle situation. The Dominant will usually take full control of the submissive for a set period of time, whether that time is a few hours, days or the rest of the long term relationship. Physical contact is not a necessity, and it can even be conducted over the telephone, e-mail or any other messaging system. In the fetish world, it can be intensely physical, moving into sadomasochism.

In s&m, as in slave and Master, both parties take incredible enjoyment and pleasure from each other in the forms of pain mixed with pleasure. Those on the Top are called Dominants, Doms (male) or Dommes (female), while those in the bottom position are called submissive or subs, which can be either male or female. Sadism can be anything from pure pain to pure pleasure. The forms in which someone can vary from fetishes such as needle play, whippings or floggings, wax, ice, or even consensual non consent. Consensual non consent play, or CNC, is where both parties agree to a scenario where the submissive is tied and involuntary made to do something that would be construed and taboo in normal society. Other forms of torment can be anything from tickling, snuggling, mental torment, teasing, or denial.

D&s, unlike s&m is not necessarily physical, it's more a mental situation. The Dominant partner is normally in total control the submissive partner in every aspect of life or in very few aspects of life. But, if the sub does not follow the orders of the Master or Mistress, it can become severely physical, with many forms of discipline, including spanking, corporal punishment, bondage or whatever type of penalty they can dream up.

Extreme Painful Bondage

Domination Porn

A huge niche in fetish pornography is domination porn with female domination videos and male sub domination porn topping the list. Female domination scenarios include male domination training and husband domination where the Dominatrix administers verbal humiliation and physical domination to the male sub. Female sexual domination is when the girl teases the boy, dominating him with the potential reward of getting into or licking her pussy. Lesbian domination can be girls topping girls, man- hating, or a bull-dyke dominating a cowering, submissive male.

Shemale domination, or chicks-with-dicks domination may be verbal, but more often than not a submissive male is dominated by the big-dicked tranny cock. A supposedly straight man is on his knees, while the she male dominant smacks him with her big, hard, throbbing cock all over his face, before plunging it deep into his throat, ultimately humiliating the poor sap. It is one of the most ultimate in humiliation dominations. Big boob domination gives the power to the chick with the biggest tits. Big tits have always given women power, while making men and women fall to their knees and beg to touch or play with them.