Spanking Videos


The Cult of deSade features the best vintage full length spanking videos. Some of the featured spanking styles include: teen spanking videos, bare ass spanking videos and schoolgirl spanking videos. The market for adult spanking videos is huge, yet there are numerous different styles and techniques. While female spanking videos appeal to a great many people, male spanking videos are even more popular.

Spanking is one of the most basic forms of corporal punishment. In the fetish world a bare ass is an obvious sign of submission and a very direct way to punish an offender. Epic spanking videos may include many different instruments of pain including bare-hand spanking, whips, floggers, paddles and canes, with each tool leaving it's own distinctive mark.

Spanking Photos


Harsh spanking photos show details and evidence of open hand spanking, whipping, flogging, paddling or caning. Open hand spanking can leave an actual hand print. The more vigorous and sustained the punishment, the deeper the color of the marks. The color is initially a light pink and runs the spectrum up to a deep, dark purple... almost black. Hand spanking photos show the glow of the hand print. Spanking photos demonstrate how sadistic some women can be. It's just a girl and her hand, smacking a guy's upturned bare-ass. What you can't hear in hard spanking photos is the victim's cry for mercy. However, in a series of women spanking men photos, you can always see the look of satisfaction on the woman's face, as her hand comes crashing down on the bare bottom.