s&m Video

s&m Video

S&M video and S&M photos have been a big niche in porno for as long as there's been porn. Some of the most famous fetish photos and fetish videos ever, feature Bettie Page. More often than not, it was Bettie with another girl, and she was always the submissive. The classic s&m photos feature her receiving over the knee spanking.

Guys have always loved s&m erotica, so S & M photos have been around for years. You can sometimes find them at auctions and flea markets.

Fetish and S&M constitue a very broad genre of activities. Very high up on the list is spanking. It's something the novice can start with that doesn't require anything more than a partner's hand. From there they may, or may not progress into heavier types of corporal punishment, such as flogging or whipping. That may lead to bondage where they are restrained while they're being spanked or whipped. Oh the other hand, they may decide that they would prefer to be the one administering the punishment. That opens up a whole new realm of possibilities.

S&M Photos

s&m Photos

Fetish models are specialists who tend to love shooting s & m videos and s & m photos. They have the attire needed, such as latex, PVC, corsets, and lots of leather. They carry bags of whips, paddles, floggers, rope, manacles, handcuffs and all kinds of bondage. They don't have sex. There are so many other facets to fetish. There are many things they can do that doesn't even expose there pussies.

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