Fem Dom S&M

Fem Dom S&M

The Fem Dom, which is short for Female Dominant,is the general term that describes a Mistress of the fetish arts. She can be a trained professional or merely a dominant wife. A trained or Pro-Domme needs to be well versed in numerous facets of s&m, (sadomasochism), including, but not limited to, domination and bondage & discipline.The psychological domination is as important, if not more so, than the physical.

FemDom is probably the biggest niche in the fetish world. While there are many submissive girls, the guys tend to outnumber them. Often times men with powerful jobs like to be able to let go and have someone else be in charge, and if this world, that would be a Mistress or Dominatrix. Once they get their rocks off, they came slip back into their suits and head home to the everyday wife.

You don't need to be a Pro FemDom to play. Many guys end up marrying a hot fem dom wife, and are quite happy, because she can learn specifically what it is that turns him on. For those that want to learn, there are hours of XXX femdom and whips & chains fem dom clips all over the Internet on sites such as the CultofdeSade.

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Lesbian s&m

Now every one knows that lesbians are fun at parties. I used to think that there was no such thing as bad girl-on-girl. Even though that's not exactly true... let's go with it. While girl/girl sex can be soft and sexy, lesbian s&m is not for the weak of heart. The kinky femdom lesbians bring new meaning to "hardcore femdom". Often times, the female submissives can take much more than the male subs. In the kingdom of lesbian femdom, their bull-dyke partners have no problem delivering the goods. That's what you call pussy whip! It's hot, it's sexy and it's dirty.

There are many niches of s&m porn. Lesbian s&m porn is popular with both the straight and lesbo communities. Guys and girls of all persuasions love girl/girl porn.