Husband Discipline

Corset Discipline

A bondage corset or discipline corset is used as a tool for punishment. It is constructed to place severe limitations on the wearer's movements. A bondage corset generally extends to just above the knees and is constructed to be laced very tightly. These corsets are often designed to be worn for long periods of time, e.g. Overnight and during sleep.

In the fetish or BDSM world, a training corset is used in body modification to trim the waist, commonly called tightlacing. Waste training or waste reduction, generally uses an hourglass corset. Waste reduction consists of applying a corset to the waist and tightening the garment at periodic intervals to achieve an extremely trim and narrow waist, even after the corset is removed.

Training corsets are always made from strong fabric, sometimes even leather and with relatively inflexible boning. A training corset is designed to be used every day and will probably be hidden under clothing. Sometimes, even a rubber discipline corset may be used along with rubber bondage.

Girdle Discipline

Girdle Discipline

A variation on tight corset discipline is girdle discipline. It consists of the disciplined party wearing tight, restrictive female undergarments. A good majority of the people being punished, are men. The tight girdle is pulled up over the males hips fully encasing the genitals, providing full knowledge that the male is wearing female clothing, even under his normal daywear. This form of chastisement and correction serves to humiliate and feminize the man, even as he goes about his day to day routine. Sometimes this can be a penalty, but more often than not, it's a reward. Many men maintain a full erection for the entire period they're wearing a tight girdle.

Male feminization is a huge niche in the s&m community. It can range from men wearing women's panties to being a complete cross-dresser, where the male subject may shave down his entire body, to make it silky smooth, followed by the application of feminine makeup. They will either wear a wig, or if they have longer hair, that can be styled a more feminine hairstyle. Next, will come sexy, frilly lingerie, featuring panties, bra, garter belt and hose. Lastly, the perfect female ensemble is selected. "She" is now ready for a night on the town.