Spanking Erotica


For as long as there has been erotica, there has been spanking erotica. The only real tool necessary is the bare hand. Many people, both men and women, have memories of bare hand spankings from the adolesent years. Mommy OTK spanking set them on the course that fuels their fantasy lives today. Luckily for them, even if their partners won't fulfill that fetish need, there are women who call themselves Dominatrix or Mistress that are more than happy then to provide that person over the knee spankings. Spanking erotica can be found all over the Internet in the form of erotic spanking videos and erotic spanking pics.

Erotic Spanking


Some people get so worked up they can have an erotic spanking orgasm. In the Fem Dom or female dominant world the male submissive submits to the whims of the Mistress. As he crawls across the floor on all fours, she administers the erotic spanking, alternating technique between hard and soft, until ultimately, the sub achieves sexual fulfillment.

Rough spanking can send the receiver into "slave space", where they are totally enraptured in the moment. Erotic spanking can make the recipient quiver with ecstacy, until they can no longer contain themselves and they finally achieve orgasm.